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UTSAB Donation and Sponsorship terms

  1. UTSAB London is a registered company, known as ‘UTSAB Ltd’ under the Companies House of England and Wales, operating as a ‘Not-for-Profit’ legal entity.
  2. UTSAB London accepts voluntary Donations & Sponsorships from Individuals and Corporate Entities. All contributions are accounted only if paid to UTSAB’s designated bank account having sort code 23-05-80 and account number 27654908 at Metro Bank unless a written acknowledgement or receipt is issued by UTSAB against any cash payment received from the donor or the Sponsor.
    3.All Donations and Sponsorships are accepted from donors or sponsors on the pure understanding that such payments will be non-refundable after 48 hours of payment. A person seeking refund must be making a written request by emailing for refund together with the bank transfer record or any payment receipt, if issued by UTSAB, within 48 hours of such payment.
    4.Donations are accepted by UTSAB London if made by the donors voluntarily, without any expectation of receiving any goods, privilege, or designation from UTSAB London.
    5.A Sponsor must have a prior agreement with UTSAB London in relation to the display of their advertisement material or setting up a stall in return of an agreed sponsorship subscription or fees. All sponsors/stall providers must comply with the rules and regulations of the venue as well as UTSAB organisation. Any disregard of the above rules or prior instructions from UTSAB London, will likely to result in immediate closure of the stall without with no refund of sponsorship subscription or fees.
  3. UTSAB London aims to expend the funds accumulated through donations and sponsorship fees in organising various social and cultural events from time to time. All professionals and suppliers excluding the volunteers who participate to organise the events or take up any assigned tasks without any remuneration, are paid out of this accumulated fund.
  4. An annual account is maintained and filed by UTSAB London or its authorised representatives at the end of the financial year and is available for inspection at the UK Companies House website.
  5. The above-mentioned terms are subject to changes from time to time. The donor must request the most up to date copy of the “Donation and Sponsorship Terms” at the time of payment.